Hello there!
This is Iwasei(岩清)Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan

The annual event O’oharae will take place at Yaizu Shrine on December 31.
The O'oharae events take place in various locations.

O’harae is based on the Japanese traditional way of thinking, and people purify themselves for impurity and misfortunate so that we can have fresh start to the New Year and can live their lives healthfully with the pure, clean mind through prayer and penitent with O'oharae.

This traditional event originates from Misogiharai of Izanagino-Mikoto, Japanese ancient god and it has been handed over centuries.
O'harae events are given two times per year.
One in June and the second in Decmeber.

Also, Japanese clean the whole house at the end of the year and we are ready to get the New year started.



焼津神社 Yaizu Shrine
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御祭神 日本武尊

御祭神 日本武尊
Yamatotakeruno-Mikoto, brave and intelligent god has been protecting Yaizu.