Hello there!
This is Iwasei(岩清)Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan

I would like to introduce the special Japanese style hotel in Yaizu

Migiwaya was founded in Kaei, Edo period.
Migiwaya has been chrishing the "Omotenashi" spilit and has the very Japanese style appearance but also has the modern, stylish, sophisticated atomosphere inside.

I have visited many hot-spring hotels all over the county, Migiwaya is my favorite and the best.

You'll be surprized to see that Yaizu has such a fablous hotel!
For more detail, please see the Website of Migiwaya.


Migiwaya's entrance

feel excited…

feel relaxed at the relaxing lobby

You'll see the beautiful landscape from the rooms and feel the sea breeze and relaxed at the open air terrace. Enjoy the atmosphere of "That's so Yaizu"


clean, leisurely and spacious rooms 



Migiwaya has a passion for the delicious dish.
Guests can enjoy the finest Kaiseki(very Japanese style) cuisine at the beautiful dining area.
Yaizu is the one of the famous fising port. Migiwaya serves the finest dish using the very seasonal fish and vegetable. 

Yaizu has the natural hot-springs.

The each room has private open-air hot spring.
Yaizu Kuroshio hot spring has a lot of efficacy.

For the excessive sensitivity to nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, chronic skin disease, woman's disease, for the beautiful skin, etc.

You can refresh both mind and body.



Also, you can enjoy the another private out door hot spring bath.
How to enjoy Japanese hot spring???
-Wash your body before entering the bath
-Rinse your body with the hot spring water
-Soak half of your body(Please do not put your towel in the bathtub)
-Soak up to your shoulders
-Dry your body with the towel before getting back to the locker

In February, there will be a festival of "Daruma" on Kokuuzou Mount where is the famous for one of the three major Kokuuzouson(Akasagarbhaya, a Buddist saint).
About Kokuuzouson, I will report that at a later date.

I recommend you the trip plan like...
Visit the Kokuuzou Mount and see the Kokuuzouson, beautiful view from the top of the Kokuuzou Mout, stay in Migiwaya, next day experience the Thalasso Spa.

Enjoy your stay in Yaizu!