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This is Iwasei, Yaizu

I went to the event of International exchange held at Yaizu community center today.
Yaizu-city has been appointed as the pre-camping place for the representatives of Mongolian wrestling and field track 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic.
Furthur strong relationship between Mongol and Yaizu is expected to be promoted.


Irima-san, student of International language school Shizuoka

She performed the wonderful traditional Mongolian dance at the event.
The Mongolian dance describes the Mongolian life itself.
・family life(For example, mother makes home cooking)
・ladies chatting
・brave warrior 
The dance expressed the Mongolian heart and culture strongly and warmly.

These days, young Mongolians don't learn traditinal Mongolian dance, however Irima-san came to Japan for studying, she re-realized the wonderful Mongolian cultures and decided to learn the dance.
Today, she performed the dance to us.

It was fantastic!



I want to re-respect our Japanese local cultures and convey those to the world.
For example, Bon-dance at the Ebisu, Tokyo is very famous among the tourist from overseas. Many of them enjoy the event.
I hope such events for instance Bon-dance, Sumo and caligraphy for future international cultural exchange will be held in Yaizu.

Article of Sumo

The left, Mr. Hatan Sugimura
He lectured about Mongolian history, culture, economy and the relationship between Mongol and Japan with humor.
All audiences listened attentively to his lectutre! 
Mongolian foods were served.
Staza(Mongolian milk tea)was a little bit salty taste.

Tu-n(Mongolian steemed noodle)and salad
Basic ingredients are wheat flour and potate.
It was light and tasty.
Ger (Mongolian portable house)





It was fantastic event!
If you are interested in Mongol, please join next time!
Iwasei is English available and we welcome you to visit Yaizu.

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