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This is Iwasei, Yaizu Japan

Do you know the color of "Japan Blue"?

This color "Japan Blue" has been chosen as the main color of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic.

My grand mother loved this color and she used to make the artworks of indigo dyeing using this color.
I would like to introduce some pieces of the artworks.

"Japanese samurai armor and warrior helmet"

Don't you think this Japan blue is impressive and unique?
Japan blue "Ai" is made from ancient plant.

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This time, popular idol Shiori Aoki(a member of SKE!) in Japan came to our store to feature our main product using mackerel, mackerel Sushi and my grand mother's arts.

取材 SKEしおりん原田アナ

The program " Furusato Kiko" will be on the air on
December 4, Sunday at 12AM to 12:54 by BS-TBS
December 23, Friday ( the time will follow) by SBS (Shizuoka local TV)

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取材 SKEしおりん原田アナ2

mackerel Sushi


artworks of "Japan blue"

"Yaizu Festival"
"Japanese flute"
「the motif of Edo-period」
「mackerel and store symbol」
「Japanese samurai armor and warrior helmet」