Hello there!
This is Iwasei from Yaizu, Japan.

Conguero Tres Hoofers performed the live on the stage at Daikeiji Temple(大慶寺), Fujieda-city Shizuoka, Japan(2017.02.05). 

Enjoy the perfect harmony between their unique sound and the atmosphere of Japanese histric Temple!

"CTH" (Conguero Tres Hoofers) is a Japanese group that performs with simple instruments and physical movements. It combines the melody of an acoustic guitar with energetic tap dancing with the beat of the percussion.
The group consists of Yukihiro Atsumi(guitar), SARO(tap) and Hidero Nishioka(per.)
Their group name comes from "Conguero=Conga percussion instrument", "Tres=antetype of guitar" and "Hoofers=professional tap dancer".

Visit their official website! http://www.cth-japan.com/

This number was created and inspired by Kingdom of the Netherlands during their Europe tour in 2014. "B.O.W." stands for Blue, Orange and White.